Tuesday, December 16, 2008


ZookodaZookoda allows blog owners to pro actively drive readership, exposure and traffic by sending blog summaries via email to their readers. Zookoda provides blog owners with the tools to manage their mailing lists, design their emails, broadcast blog summaries and track recipient usage.

Any blog owner interested in keeping their readers coming back to their blog should use Zookoda. A regular email summary reminds readers that your blog is still active and vibrant and encourages them to return.

The system provides you with the code for a Zookoda subscription form which you place on your blog. Your readers then subscribe by entering their email address. Zookoda stores these details and adds them to your mailing list. Within Zookoda you identify which feed you wish to broadcast, select a template, schedule a broadcast and track the results. It's that easy!

HiperLink: http://www.zookoda.com/

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