Sunday, December 14, 2008


billsterbillster is a totally free online application developed to organise your personal and shared expenses.

Shared Bills: If you share a house with other students or professionals, or perhaps you're organising a holiday with a few people, this service can take the stress out of sorting out who owes what and when - you can even record standing orders and direct debits so it is possible to let the system keep itself up-to-date with bills that are paid at the same time every day, week, month or year.

Personal Bills: By making use of the bill tagging system, you can categorise and group your bills quickly and easily, helping you keep track of where your money is going. When used along side the date selector, it is possible to work out how much money you spend on everyday items, day by day, or perhaps on a year by year basis.

All the parts of the site that require authentication are secured using SSL, just like your bank or Amazon do when they handle credit card details. Your username and password are encrypted before being stored on this platform's database, so be confident that your details are secure.


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