Sunday, November 16, 2008


IMifiedIMified aims to help developers build, deploy, and integrate instant messaging solutions into their exisitng applications. Their simple, web-based platform makes it easy to create and deploy interactive instant messaging agents or "bots".

Most people think of person to person or group chat when they think about instant messaging. While this is IM's primary use, its built in presence features and basic text interface also make it a perfect solution for integrating presence and real-time text into existing web and desktop applications.

Traditionally, building and hosting an IM "bot" has been a complex and frustrating task. Proprietary IM networks make it difficult run an IM application over their networks. On top of that, the libraries available for connecting to these networks can be outdated or especially difficult to work with.

IMified was started because its founders ran into those complications and limitations. They have created a simple, web-based platform that allows developers to write their IM application once, host it on any web server, and point it to any number of screen names on public IM networks like AIM, GTalk, MSN, and Yahoo.



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