Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vibe Journal

Vibe JournalVibe Journal allows you to create, share and communicate with great simplicity. Vibe Journal combines the best features of blogging and personal web pages, and adds publishing photos, videos and audios, taking your personal blog to a whole new level.

Using Vibe Journal you can:
  • Create and organize Calendar Events, Favorite links, RSS feeds and Blogs.
  • Privacy Controls - you pick your Viewers and your Contributors.
  • Multiple Journals per Account.
  • Easily add audio, video or photos to any entry using Journal's Enhanced Direct Drag and Drop.
  • Easily record and create in-page video and audio entries.
  • Supports all major Video formats (Real, Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash)
  • Pyro.TV - a video content aggregator for professional and user submitted content
HiperLink: http://vibejournal.com/

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