Friday, December 12, 2008


LoopnoteLoopnote lets people create alerts. Say you’re in a band or you own an art gallery. You can use Loopnote to alert people about an upcoming show. The way it works is simple: You create a topic like “Governor’s Park Band” and let people subscribe to it. When you’re ready to promote an event just post a note to your topic like "Governor’s Park Band playing 2nite at 9pm, Larimer Lounge". All subscribers will receive an alert with your note. People can subscribe via email, IM, text or RSS.

Bands, notify your fans - Create a loop that your fans can subscribe to. Tag it as "Seattle, Blues, R&B" and let people discover you. Notify fans about upcoming shows.

You! Alert your friends - Invite your friends to subscribe to your personal loop, then send alerts anytime about who, when & where to meet.
Restaurants - promote your specials.
Nightclubs - advertise your bands.
Sports teams - notify members of cancelled practices.


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