Sunday, December 28, 2008


HiveminderHiveminder is a web service that helps you keep track of all of your to do lists in one convenient place. It's easy to make new lists quickly or to share tasks with anyone in your hive of friends, family, and co-workers. Hiveminder makes it easy to see only the tasks you're looking for and to sync your lists with your life. Whether you're planning your honeymoon, streamlining your business, or just trying to make it through the semester, Hiveminder has the tools you need to get busy!

Some of the features included in Hiveminder are tags, a tag cloud and groups. Tags are a really great way to label your tasks. They're just a list of words you choose to associate with a task. This makes it easier to find your tasks and to find tasks that are alike or in the same category. The tag cloud shows you which tags you're using, and how much you're using them. It indicates how much you use a tag by making that tag bigger or smaller, relative to the other tags, so if your "work" tag is bigger than your "fun" tag, we would suggest you find more fun things to do. Groups allow you to share tasks for a given project, party or anything else you're doing with a group of people. Groups are created by an 'Organizer' who has the power to add and delete members of the group. Groups can also have more than one Organizer. 'Members' have the ability to change tasks (add them, cross them off, commenting on them etc.), as do Organizers. 'Guests' can see what goes on in a group, but they have no ability to change anything.


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Great web tools list. I would also like to add Dooster which is the online project management tool I use and think is worth anyone checking out.