Tuesday, December 9, 2008


AnswerbagAnswerbag is a community of people helping others. Have a question? Ask it here! Know something? (Everyone knows something!) Help someone out! They’re here to help you connect with others and to find and share knowledge about topics ranging from celebrity trivia and home cleaning tips to Russian name origins and particle physics. Any topic you can dream of, you can ask it here!

Answerbag brings trust to information on the web. Every bit of info on this site can be voted on, so trustworthy answers are promoted and the chaff is weeded out. People just like you tell if they think an answer was useful, and if most people agree, you’ll see that answer is “trusted.” This lets you know that it isn’t just some loony giving you his answer - it’s a group of people who have come together to agree on an answer.

Answerbag is a community. Without you, the members, this site would be useless.

HiperLink: http://www.answerbag.com/


PALS said...

Answerbag is a question and answer social media service that offers free access to their database.

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