Saturday, November 1, 2008


WidgipediaWidgipedia is aiming to be the ultimate resource for both users and developers of widgets and gadgets. This service is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive catalogue of Web widgets and desktop widgets (and gadgets) across all platforms - many of which you will only find there. Developers can use Widgipedia to upload their creations, to collaborate with others, to learn or teach through tutorials, code samples, libraries and more.

While using this web tool you will find cool widgets and gadgets, tutorials, code samples, code libraries, knowledge, a community of both widget users and widget developers. If you are interested in anything about widgets, you should be able to find it there.

This platform supports all kinds of widgets. You can find widgets for Yahoo! Widgets (Windows and Mac), Dashboard (Mac), Standalone Widgets (Windows and Mac), Vista Sidebar Gadgets (Windows), Opera (Windows, Mac, Linux), Google Gadgets (Windows), Adobe AIR (Windows, Mac), DesktopX (Windows), Kapsules (Windows), Samurize (Windows), KlipFolio (Windows), AveDesk (Windows) and all web widget platforms like Flash, DHTML and Java.


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