Tuesday, September 2, 2008


YugmaYugma believes that web collaboration is for everyone, not just people in large companies. They also believe good ideas deserve to be shared, regardless of resources or geographic location. These two beliefs drove them to create an easy-to-use, affordable web collaboration service that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. They hope that Yugma will help you to share your ideas, learn more, stay connected with friends and family, feel the need to fly to fewer meetings, and have a more successful business.

HiperLink: http://www.yugma.com/


Robert O'Neill said...

Hi there,

My name is Robert O'Neill and I work for Glance Networks, the makers of a similar but much simpler web-collaboration program called Glance. We strive incredibly hard to make Glance as blatantly simple to use as possible; you simply open the program, give your guests a customized URL to go to, and then just like that, they see what you see. The program, as many of our customers have told us, "just works". I'd encourage you to try us out!

Andrew_Mikogo said...


Have you tried Mikogo, the free online meeting tool, for Web collaboration?
With Mikogo you can organize free online meetings, Web presentations, webinars, remote support sessions, and more, all for free. All features are included with no time limitations or restrictions. For example, switch presenter, remote keyboard and mouse control, application selection, Skype Extra, file transfer, 256bit AES encryption, and more.
Feel free to drop by our website and give it a go.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


The Mikogo Team

Alexandre Figueiredo said...

Hi Andrew,

Mikogo seems very interesting. We will add it to Great Web Tools very soon.


Alexandre Figueiredo said...

Hi Robert,

I really liked Glance. For what I could see it seems very easy to use and loaded with lots of great features.

Unfortunately, although you have a free trial, you don't have a free plan. But I have no doubt that it is a great service for medium/large companies.


Andrew_Mikogo said...

Thank you Alexandre. Looking forward to seeing Mikogo here on your blog.