Sunday, September 14, 2008

Excite MIX

Excite MIX - free online start page and online feed readerExcite MIX lets you make the most of all the free live content available on the web, Excite MIX provides you with a single access point, where you can see all your favourites from just one page. The techie term for it is a Feed Aggregator. What you’re seeing on your Excite MIX are the latest updates / news / content from the websites you choose.

With Excite MIX you can select the content from any of your favourite sites (in the form of RSS feeds) or from their suggested sources. You can also pick and MIX content on your page from your own favourite sites. As long as they have an RSS feed, all you need to do is put the RSS feed’s URL into Add Feed in the Add Content panel, and it will automatically appear on your page! You can create and name as many folder categories and pages as you like!


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