Monday, August 11, 2008


ebuddyebuddy is your web based online messenger for MSN, Yahoo, Goggle Talk, MySpace and AIM (AOL). Whether you're at home, school, work or travelling; with eBuddy you can chat online everywhere, at any time. eBuddy is available as a web based and mobile version. eBuddy means no downloads, no installation of software or upgrades and no registration. Best of all it's free!



Hazem Torab said...

ebuddy can be used on mobile, right?

alexvf said...

Yes Hazem. They have two options for mobile:
- You can use "eBuddy Mobile Messenger" software that you install in your mobile device and have all your IM services working in one place or;
- You can point your mobile device browser to and use the web based mobile version of their service.

Check it out at