Thursday, June 26, 2008


StikkitStikkit gathers phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, and other useful bits of information. As you write, Stikkit searches for appointments, To Do lists, people, bookmarks, and others. Then, like magic, it extracts and organizes the most important details for you.



Steven & Faith Long said...

Hey, Alex. Sorry to bother you again. This is aliens_amongu and you answered my question about the background images. Thanks so much for your help. It worked great in IE7--unfortunately, it's now not working in Firefox. LOL. Can you help?

alexvf said...

Hello again Steven.

I've just tested the line of code in both IE7 and Firefox 3 and it worked great. I'm sure it also works in Firefox 2.

Please make sure that you copy and paste this line correctly:

background: url('') 0 0 repeat-y;

Best regards